The Way to Cook: Technique is Everything

HamBonesCookingTechniquesSo many times, what promises to be a fantastic dish to serve to one’s dinner guest, ends up being a disappointment. Something just didn’t go right in the preparation, but ya’ just can’t quite put ya’ finger on what went wrong! Over the years, I have found that it’s not so much what ya’ did, but how did ya’ do it!

Anytime I have a conversation about cooking techniques, I always refer readers to the first lesson I was taught on cooking technique – how to measure flour for a cake! That lesson was given to my mother by her sister, a home economist then passed on to me! Though the story is a bit of a comedy, it proves true in the baking world! I tell the story in the first volume of this series of Ham Bones cookbooks, (Memoirs of a Southern Cook).

I’m fielded quite frequently with telephone calls from friends adventuring in the kitchen with some new recipe. They usually want to know how I do a particular task to achieve something that they read in the recipe. As always, I am happy to share my techniques.

A particular feature in my “Ham Bones Blog” will be a frequent feature on cooking techniques. I am calling this feature “The Way to Cook”, with each post being a particular item/ingredient and proper methodology for preparing it for consumption.

In the next few days, be on the lookout for “The Way to Cook: Eggs (scrambled)”

All best wishes for good eating!


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