The Clean Label


The Clean Label

Growing up in Small Town, South, USA, eating fresh food is rather common—no big deal.  In fact, during my growing up years, I don’t think I ever heard of long-hard-to-pronounce words in food, versus reading them in a chemistry textbook!

Unfortunately, with our advances in science that have extended our lifespans, the scientists have also found ways to change our food.  In my mind, I think that some of these changes have been to our benefit, while others have been to our detriment.

Sauce is one of those things that I love with a good roasted or grilled piece of meat.  Whereas, I enjoy making sauces at home, sometimes I feel like something already prepared in the kitchens of my local grocer and I’ll want the convenience of getting a sauce off the shelf to enhance my take-home dinner!  Viewing a grocer’s shelf of sauces recently gave me a bit of a scare!  The majority of the sauces had labels that listed ingredients far beyond just good ol’ plain whole foods and spices—what a disappointment!

Reading some food labels as I strolled through several aisles, I thought I was back in my high-school chemistry class again (i.e.,  butylated hydroxyanisole;  potassium benzoate; tertiary butylhydroquinone; tetrasodium EDTA; cyclamates; and a host of others)!  Of course, food does not have to have these ingredients in order to eat them!

Several folks have decided to eat only organic food!  In exploring that avenue, I found it quite an expensive undertaking!  Of course, with the increased cost per serving as a result of going totally organic, I may lose a few extra pounds due to smaller more affordable portion sizes!  Unfortunately, such a strategy would not alleviate my constant hunger pain as a result!

There are some foods that I do want as organic only.  Others, I’m okay with non-organic though I don’t care for food with hormones and antibiotics—both of which would be very dangerous for me as a cancer survivor who depends on antibiotics to fight chronic infections as a result of having had cancer.

Grocers are becoming more and more aware of the desires of their customers and are food sourcing items that are good to eat; safe to eat; nourishing to eat.  Several grocers list ingredients that are prohibited in the food products in their stores. This amounts to what the food brokers tell me industry calls a “Clean Label” product!

Two links that I think should be of interest to you are —

  1. Whole Foods’ list “Unacceptable Ingredients for Food”, found at:

and, Earth Fare’s “Quality Standards”, found at:

From one consumer to another; from one foodie to another; from one cook to another – eat goooooood as we southerners like to say!  Just make sure your definition of good includes the word “clean”!

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